Jonathan Kawchuk's North

Immersive Audio-Visual Performance
Jonathan had a unique vision of the asthetic elements that should play a part in his work. In his regular stage performances, he used an array of exclusively white LED lights to illuminate the stage and flash in time with his music. Here, he wanted to achieve a similar result by using the dome's projectors primarely as light sources.

There are a lot of things that were interestingly unconventional about this project, including the beautiful acousmatic music.

The fact that bright lighting was in use during a full dome projection for example, is 100% the opposite of the first rule of video projection. The type of 3D based immersive "tricks" which have come to be a staple in these types of projects were almost entirely omitted other than an ever so slight hint of texture from four concentric rings and the fact that the show itself contained both "white-outs" and strobe effects, two things that are best avoided in practice when dealing with the full dome medium.

I really enjoyed my time working with Jonathan and helping him achieve his vision. I think the end result had some really strong moments and definitely stood out as being "something different".