Electronic Music Studio Workshop

Montreal TouchDesigner Summit 2019
Here is the video capture from my workshop at the 2019 TouchDesigner Summit in Montreal.

How To Audio in TouchDesigner

A comprehensive guide to Audio in TouchDesigner
This is a big one! Inside this .toe file I've go over all the basics of dealing with audio-generation in TouchDesigner including a handy
troubleshooting section. No more excuses for neglecting this powerful aspect of our favourite software!

MIDI File Playback

How to playback your MIDI files in TouchDesigner
In this tutorial I will be looking at the wacky process I use to play back midi files in my TouchDesigner projects. It's definitely less obvious than you would think but here's a solution I've come up with.

Audio Delay Effect

How to create time-based effects in TouchDesigner
In this tutorial I go through how to build an audio delay effect with variable speed and pitch in TouchDesigner. Building a reliable variable pitch type delay effect component has been one of my biggest TouchDesigner sound-design objectives for awhile now and I'm glad to report I've finally figured it out.

MIDI Sequencer

How to build a simple MIDI sequencer in TouchDesigner
Here's how to build a simple MIDI sequencer in TouchDesigner using a ramp and the look-up CHOP in combination with a rename CHOP.

It is recommended to combine this tutorial with the mono-synth tutorial for some fun bleep-bloop action.

Simple DrumMachine

How to create a very simple drummachine in TouchDesigner
In this tutorial I take you through setting up a very simple, sample-based drum-machine in TouchDesigner using custom parameters and the copy CHOP. There are many different ways to go about this task each with their own pros and cons.