ShapeWizard (2019)

Real-Time Audio-Visual Performance Software
ShapeWizard is the culmination of my personal research into the integration of legacy audio-synthesis sounds and techniques within a thematically coherent visual language.

Jonathan Kawchuk's North (2017)

Immersive Show Visuals
Back in 2017 I had the pleasure of working with my friend Jonathan Kawchuk on preparing his live domeshow in the SATosphere for the Mutek digital arts festival. We had only a month to put it together, concept and all and it lead to a pretty novel experience.

Plateaux (2017)

FullDome AudioVisual Performance
Plateaux is an original idea for an immersive audio-visual performance by Vincent Brault and Vincent Martin performed at the SAT in Montreal, Canada. Based on  “Milles Plateaux” by Gilles Deleuze, a post-modern philosopher, the performance imagines certain key concepts of the text and renders them in interactive and audio-reactive 3d scenes. I was brought as a full collaborator and contributed a hefty chunk of the creative input through my software programming in TouchDesigner.