TouchDesigner Polyphonic Synthesizer
SimpleSynth is an introductory module to the world of TouchDesigner audio-synthesis. It is loosely inspired by legacy polysynths such as the Roland Jupiter6, Juno60 and Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 but with some added bells and whistles! It's got a character all its own which will surely wet your appetite for even more audio-visual synthesis power (so don't forget to check out the SynthBuilder kit!).
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SynthBuilder Component Pack

TouchDesigner Synthesizer Design
The SynthBuilder components were built with the goal of accelerating the process of creating synthesizers in TouchDesigner.

By expanding the feature-set of the standard operators and implementing them in a music-oriented way, achieving pleasant and complex audio-synthesis results in TouchDesigner has never been easier!

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LaunchControl XL

TouchDesigner Midi Controller Extension
This component augments the native capabilities of the Novation LaunchControl XL midi controller in TouchDesigner. It allows you to control the controller's LEDs using pixel information as well as set-up different button types such momentary, toggle, radio etc. You can store and recall up to 8 presets and it functions in standalone for times where the hardware controller is not on hand. Very useful! 
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DubDelay Audio Effect

TouchDesigner Audio Effect
DubDelay is a variable speed audio delay for use inside of your 099 TouchDesigner audio-visual networks.

Its smooth pitch-shifting behavior and modulation generators allows it to also reproduce a wide variety of analog-styled time-based effects such as chorusing, doubling, flanging and reverb in mono or stereo operation.

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DrumSynth & DrumSequencer

TouchDesigner Rhythm Programming Component
These two TouchDesigner components will allow you to program fun and fresh electronic percussion sequences right in your TouchDesigner network.

It features the DrumSequencer, a 64step, 16 channel percussion sequencer with very handy copy-paste workflow features as well as its companion component, the DrumSynth, an 8 channel, 16 instrument electronic percussion module featuring voice-circuits inspired by legacy analog drum-machines.
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The components listed here are for personal use only. By purcasing them you agree not to re-distribute them as-is, or in any modified manner.